The thermal insulation of the concrete elements that make a construction is vital because the thermal losses from concrete elements may be up to four times greater than in brick walls of the same thickness.

The selected thermal insulation material must have a very low thermal conductivity coefficient (λ), very good grip to concrete and coatings and it must be easy to cut and adjust to the elements’ dimensions.


Concrete elements insulation with extruded polystyrene Styropan XPS WS


STYROPAN XPS WS expanded polystyrene boards are ideal for this application. Their surface has been treated so that the extrusion skin is removed and maximum grip to concrete or coatings is achieved. They have groove profile of 5 x 5 mm every 50 mm so that they can be cut and easily adjust in fixed multiples of 50 mm as the Greek concrete regulation for linear elements’ dimensions of a bearing structure dictates (underpinnings, walling, beams). In addition, there is a “standing seam” configuration on the sides of the boards to avoid the thermal bridging effect at their seams.

STYROPAN XPS WS is fixed inside the shuttering so that it does not move during the concreting procedure nor any failure when the framing is removed. The metal reinforcement is installed after the STYROPAN XPS WS followed by concreting.





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