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    Airport Makedonia with Styropan materials

    "Makedonia airport" has been expanded with a new part which was completed at the end of 2020.

    "Makedonia" airport is located 15 km in the southeast of the city, in the Municipality of Thermi. It is the second biggest airport of Greece with a passenger traffic of 6,897,057 passengers for 2019, according to Fraport data.


    πανοραμική εικόνα αεροδρομίου "Μακεδονία" Intrakat


    Due to the projected significant increase of the passenger traffic by 2026, the existing building (with an area of 26,609 m2) was upgraded and modernized , with the parallel construction of a new part (with an extension area of 34,072 m2). The new part joined the existing one through two footbridges at the level of departures, providing integrated operation between them.


    In the magazine KTIRIO, April 2020 issue, a detailed presentation of the project is made by the construction company INTRAKAT A.E. The magazine can be found here



    εργοτάξιο αεροδρομίου "Μακεδονία" Intrakat


    According to the presentation of INTRAKAT A.E. , with the new design of the airport, passengers will be offered a high level of services, such as:

    • Central security control area ,in accordance with new international best practices
    • Ticket control services on both wings of the airport
    • Reduction of distances between key functional areas and level changes within the airport
    • Ease of access, with a clear "back flow" inside the airport
    • Increase of commercial spaces
    • Easy connection of the airport with the public transport (buses)
    • Sufficient car parking infrastructure near the airport


    εργοτάξιο αεροδρομίου "Μακεδονία" Intrakat


    For the thermal insulation needs of the new wing of “Makedonia” airport, INTRAKAT A.E chose white expanded polystyrene Styropan EPS, extruded polystyrene STYROPAN XPS R&F and STYROPAN XPS WS (Without skin) thermal insulation boards.


    STYROPAN XPS WS (Ξυλοτύπου)
    Styropan XPS R&F (Roof & Floor) Styropan XPS WS (Without skin)


    STYROPAN XPS R&F (οροφών & δαπέδων)
    Styropan XPS R&F (Roof & floor)
    STYROPAN XPS WS (ξυλοτύπου)
    Styropan XPS WS (Without skin)


    A total of 12.000 m2 Styropan thermal insulation boards were installed.

    Styropan products of expanded and extruded polystyrene are produced with the strictest specifications, are certified with the CE mark according to the harmonized European standards EN 13163 & amp; 13164 and have been used successfully for decades in small and large, private or public projects. The specifications for the materials to be used in all the airports managed by Fraport in Greece, is one of the most demanding and the fact that our products have been selected in almost all the airports that are under renovation, it is a great satisfaction for us and a proof of the high quality that we offer.

    Styropan produces 8 types of extruded polystyrene Styropan XPS which differ in their final surface, strengths and fields of application.

    Extruded polystyrene products are known for their high compressive strength, excellent resistance to heat transfer and low water absorption.

    White expanded polystyrene Styropan EPS has the characteristic of being one very lightweight material (consists of 98% air) , has very good thermal insulation properties and it is 100% recyclable & environmentally friendly.White expanded polystyrene products based on their compressive strength are categorized in: EPS 50/60/80/100/120/150/200. White expanded polystyrene is also used as geofoam, which is produced in the form of large prisms for geotechnical applications (e.g. light weight embankment applications, railroad embankments /high speed trains, static and seismic insulation, foundations.)


    Styropan EPS 80 Styropan EPS 200


    Styropan EPS 80
    Styropan EPS 200


    Tip: For even more optimal thermal insulation results, especially in building applications external thermal insulation (ETICS)-facade, the recommended solution is graphite expanded polystyrene which offers thermal conductivity factor λ up to 0,030 (W/m*k). Graphite expanded polystyrene Styropan Graphite EPS consists of Neopor®, a product of research and innovation of BASF. Neopor® are small, black polystyrene (EPS) spheres with the addition of graphite from which thermal insulation slates are manufactured, suitable for use in buildings.


    Styropan Graphite EPS 100/100 plus Styropan Graphite EPS 200


    Styropan Graphite EPS 100/100 plus
    Styropan Graphite EPS 200


    Εξωτερικη θερμομονωση με γραφιτουχα διογκωμενη πολυστερινη


    It is a special honor and joy for Styropan, that in one of the most important recent projects in Central Macedonia, such as the new wing of the airport "Macedonia", has contributed significantly by supplying a significant amount of thermal insulation materials.

    This project is just the top example of a series of projects in airports where Styropan has been involved by supplying thermal insulation boards of graphite expanded polystyrene Styropan Graphite EPS, white expanded polystyrene Styropan EPS & extruded polystyrene Styropan XPS.

    εργοτάξιο αεροδρομίου "Μακεδονία" Intrakat



    If you wish to learn more about Styropan insulation products, their fields of application, their technical specifications, about our distribution network, contact us in the following form: