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We produce the following fundamental product categories:

  • Thermal insulation boards of expanded, graphite expanded and extruded polystyrene
  • Packaging containers made of expanded polystyrene
  • Building materials (Geofoam)


We offer the following product categories:

  • Ready-made decoration solutions (3D wall panels, mouldings, rosettes)
  • Polystyrene cutting machinery
  • Special parts


 Styropan's facilities along with 3 primary insulating products that produces and a picture of extruded polystyrene panels packages


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When you built/renovated your home, you imagined a quality way of living with thermal comfort during winter/summer and low energy costs.

In reality, 90% of households in Greece, are insufficient as far as energy is concerned and built while ignoring the principles of energy saving and shielding. You have probably received quite costly bills, especially during periods with extreme temperature conditions, you may have experienced humidity stains in walls, bad sound proofing etc., things that have made you think that reliable thermal insulation is a fairytale.

IIn Styropan we constantly aim to provide solutions to the aforementioned issues. By installing Styropan insulating products for the thermal insulation of your building, you decrease thermal losses and you save money for cooling and heating. You live in a very humidity and mold resistant environment, with increased levels of sound proofing so that you may enjoy moments of calmness and comfort without any interference from your neighboring walls. In other words, you ensure the home of your dreams for you and your children!


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With our vision of creating buildings that offer a better quality of life for people and respecting the environmental guidelines, we manufacture insulation products that are suitable for the most effective thermal insulation for any building from its foundations to the roof!

Our principles are summarized in the 5 following guidelines:

  • Innovation is everything:

    For years we invest in innovation by bringing modern insulating products to the Greek market such as the Neopor, a product of research and innovation by BASF.

  • Saving is everything:

    With our mission to manufacture products that decrease thermal losses, we contribute to money saving, limitation of energy loss with multiple benefits for people and the environment.

  • Shielding is everything:

    We design building products that offer maximum seismic and static resistance as well as absolute protection from water and humidity.

  • Aesthetics is everything:

    It is not enough for a space to be energy sufficient in order to be ideal, if it is not designed aesthetically. By upgrading the aesthetics of a space, its quality of life is also improved and it acquires a personal touch. For this reason, we provide you a variety of decoration solutions (mouldings, rosettes, 3D wall panels) for walls, ceilings and any kind of surface.

  • Viable development is everything:

    With a sense of excitement and responsibility for the future, we construct buildings that respect the environment and offer a better quality of life for people. We contribute to the creation of a more efficient future for all of us as well as for the generations to come.


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