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Within the framework of a client-oriented strategy and based on quality assurance, in Styropan we develop and apply a Quality Management System (QMS) in accordance with ISO 9001:2015. Thus, we are able to successfully conform to the international quality standards.


Our products meet the demands as dictated by the European Standards. The product conformity evaluation is performed according to the ΕΝ 13172 and based on external and internal controls and Factory Production Control – FPC in accordance with the EN 13163 for expanded polystyrene and with the EN 13164 for extruded polystyrene. The internal controls involve the thermal conductivity and resistance coefficient measurements, the mechanical strength measurements (compaction, bending, tension), the dimension measurements (length, width, thickness, rectangularity, flatness) and the reaction to fire.


 Quality control- Internal factory measurements of thermal conductivity λ coefficient.


 Quality control equipment for internal factory measurements

Each package label bears the product designation code where all that technical information accompanying the product are mentioned and allow the buyer to evaluate its suitability for each construction application.

 Quality control equipment for internal factory measurements