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Styropan Graphite EPS graphite expanded polystyrene consists of Neopor®, a BASF product of research and innovation. Neopor® are small, black polystyrene (EPS) spheres with the addition of graphite from which thermal insulation slates are manufactured, suitable for use in buildings.


Thermal comfort in interior space and Graphite expanded polystyrene boards (Neopor by BASF) and their advantages in insulation



Styropan Graphite EPS products:

  • Offer up to 20% better heat insulation performance compared to conventional expanded polystyrene materials as well as to other insulation materials. This is achieved as they absorb and radiate the infrared radiation while drastically diminishing the thermal conductivity, thus the heat flux.
  • They can offer the same thermal insulation performance in smaller thicknesses compared to other insulation materials, translating into material and spatial economy.
  • They are ecologically efficient as they contribute to real reduction of the required material for use up to 50%, saving costs and raw materials. Compared to other thermal insulation materials, Neopor® has less environmental impact and offers eco-friendly thermal insulation solutions.
  • They are 100% recyclable and they do not contain chlorofluorocarbon (CFC), hydro-chlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) or hydro-fluorocarbon (HFC).
  • They have exceptional quality characteristics, they are resistant to ageing and to decomposition, as well as they are dimensionally stable. In addition, they are water vapor permeable, water resistant and they exhibit very small humidity absorption. As far as resistance to fire is concerned, they are manufactured as self-extinguishable, with flame retardant and they are ranked in Euroclass E according to the EN 13163 and EN 13501-1 European standards.
  • They are easy to handle, low-weight, they are cut and installed easily with the use of regular tools. They do not produce dust and they are not skin irritating.
  • They are sound-proof. The Neopor® elastic thermal insulation slates not only save energy but also contribute to the amelioration of a building’s sound-insulation.




Graphite EPS products are applied to a building from its foundations to its roof, indicative application fields::

  • Roofs (coating of storeys – pilotis spaces, concrete panels, conventional & inverted roof)
  • Floors (residences and underground levels)


External insulation application with graphite expanded polystyrene panels Styropan Graphite EPS



  • Walls (double stretcher bonds, complex exterior heat insulation/ETICS systems , wall dividers, insulating concrete forms/ICF)
  • Inclined rooftops (internally or externally)
  • Underground levels (around the circumference of the wall dividers internally or externally, floors, foundations)
  • Civil engineer projects (seismic isolation, road construction works)




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